The Black Keys – El Camino (10th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) (2011/2021) [Official Digital Download 24bit/44,1kHz]

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The Black Keys – El Camino (10th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) (2011/2021)
FLAC (tracks) 24bit/44,1kHz | Time – 03:16:25 minutes | 2,31 GB | Genre: Garage Rock, Blues Rock
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Nonesuch

The Black Keys will release a special tenth anniversary edition of their landmark seventh studio album El Camino via Nonesuch Records on November 5, 2021. El Camino (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) will be available in several formats including a Super Deluxe edition of five vinyl LPs or four CDs, featuring a remastered version of the original album, a previously unreleased Live in Portland, ME concert recording, a BBC Radio 1 Zane Lowe session from 2012 and a 2011 Electro-Vox session.

At some point every band makes a move towards commercial success. Accolades for purity of motivation and peerless references are great, but selling a few albums carries its own kind of rush. Oh sure, by 2011, The Black Keys had already hit paydirt licensing music for Victoria’s Secret ads, among other brands, but the duo wanted their music rather than their opportunism to be respected. Routinely crediting The Cramps and The Clash while still sounding like the rough ‘n’ ready garage band from Akron, Ohio, that they’d been since the beginning made the journey to larger musical success problematic. Enter Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton, who produced guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney’s preceding album, 2010’s Brothers; recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield, Alabama, it continued the Black Keys’ move away from a lo-fi sound. Advised by Burton to record more upbeat material that would play well in the arena-sized venues they were aiming for, the pair convened at Auerbach’s new Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville and began to work up fresh material. Like all Black Keys records, riff rock and Auerbach and Carney’s back-and-forth interplay are the foundation, but now their usual dirty blues vibe gave way to a more straight ahead early rock and roll tone. Danger Mouse also became an active part of the songwriting process for the first time. Fast tempos and more pronounced pop hooks were the immediate focus. The opener “Lonely Boy,” is impossible to resist. In “Dead and Gone” handclaps and the album’s three female background singers Leisa Hans, Heather Rigdon and Ashley Wilcoxson beef up the poppy choruses. Recorded by Kennie Takahashi and Collin Dupuis, and mixed by Tchad Blake, the sound here is enhanced with plenty of reverb making everything that much larger in the process. Tunes like the working girl paean, “Money Maker,” where Auerbach sings, “I wanna buy some time but don’t have a dime,” sound oversized and very much arena-ready. “Sister” is the Keys’ elemental riff rock at its best, this time fleshed out by Danger Mouse on keyboard. Touches like the squiggly guitar line in “Run Right Back” confirm musical evolutions in their usual jam-it-up method. This reissue contains 20 tracks from a previously unreleased concert from Portland, Maine, an 11-track BBC Radio 1 session from 2012, and a 9-track 2011 Electro-Vox rehearsal session recorded prior to the 2012 El Camino tour. While both live sets are stacked with tracks from Brothers (“Howlin for You,” “Tighten Up”) and El Camino, the BBC set has a closer, densely packed sound, while the live sound of the Portland show in front of a rabid audience is huge and reverberant. The rehearsal session is predictably loose with slower tempos, though the arrangements are similar to what was eventually released. This reissue does bring up questions: is ten years long enough to create the demand and perspective necessary for a successful reissue? Have Keys fans even stopped listening to their original copies yet or is this more rampant commercialism from a band famous for it? Of course, it may also be that Auerbach and Carney are closing a chapter. Stay tuned for the next decade. – Robert Baird

1. Lonely Boy (2021 Remaster) (03:13)
2. Dead and Gone (2021 Remaster) (03:41)
3. Gold on the Ceiling (2021 Remaster) (03:44)
4. Little Black Submarines (2021 Remaster) (04:11)
5. Money Maker (2021 Remaster) (02:57)
6. Run Right Back (2021 Remaster) (03:16)
7. Sister (2021 Remaster) (03:25)
8. Hell of a Season (2021 Remaster) (03:44)
9. Stop Stop (2021 Remaster) (03:29)
10. Nova Baby (2021 Remaster) (03:27)
11. Mind Eraser (2021 Remaster) (03:14)
12. Howlin’ for You (Live in Portland, ME) (03:45)
13. Next Girl (Live in Portland, ME) (03:30)
14. Run Right Back (Live in Portland, ME) (03:41)
15. Same Old Thing (Live in Portland, ME) (03:17)
16. Dead and Gone (Live in Portland, ME) (04:06)
17. Gold on the Ceiling (Live in Portland, ME) (04:05)
18. Thickfreakness (Live in Portland, ME) (03:24)
19. Girl Is on My Mind (Live in Portland, ME) (05:08)
20. I’ll Be Your Man / Your Touch (Live in Portland, ME) (07:16)
21. Little Black Submarines (Live in Portland, ME) (05:38)
22. Money Maker (Live in Portland, ME) (03:32)
23. Strange Times (Live in Portland, ME) (03:11)
24. Chop and Change (Live in Portland, ME) (03:55)
25. Nova Baby (Live in Portland, ME) (04:03)
26. Ten Cent Pistol (Live in Portland, ME) (06:16)
27. Tighten Up (Live in Portland, ME) (03:51)
28. Lonely Boy (Live in Portland, ME) (04:01)
29. Everlasting Light (Live in Portland, ME) (03:40)
30. She’s Long Gone (Live in Portland, ME) (04:11)
31. I Got Mine (Live in Portland, ME) (05:32)
32. Howlin’ for You (BBC Session) (03:27)
33. Next Girl (BBC Session) (03:10)
34. Gold on the Ceiling (BBC Session) (03:48)
35. Thickfreakness (BBC Session) (03:26)
36. I’ll Be Your Man (BBC Session) (03:25)
37. Your Touch (BBC Session) (03:03)
38. Little Black Submarines (BBC Session) (04:45)
39. Dead and Gone (BBC Session) (04:04)
40. Tighten Up (BBC Session) (03:45)
41. Lonely Boy (BBC Session) (03:11)
42. I Got Mine (BBC Session) (05:30)
43. Dead and Gone (Electro-Vox Sessions) (03:47)
44. Gold on the Ceiling (Electro-Vox Sessions) (03:37)
45. Howlin’ for You (Electro-Vox Sessions) (03:25)
46. Lonely Boy (Electro-Vox Sessions) (03:15)
47. Money Maker (Electro-Vox Sessions) (02:59)
48. Next Girl (Electro-Vox Sessions) (03:02)
49. Run Right Back (Electro-Vox Sessions) (03:24)
50. Sister (Electro-Vox Sessions) (03:27)
51. Tighten Up (Electro-Vox Sessions) (03:32)


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